Payless Express Dry Cleaning Service is a locally owned and operated business that prides itself on high quality work, great customer service and unbeatable prices. We know that there are many cleaners to choose from so what makes us so different? Have you ever walked into your cleaner in the local shopping plaza and actually seen a list of prices? Our guess is no... There are so many hidden fees and up charges that it would be impossible to provide an accurate price for each garment. So every time you drop off your clothes you do not know how it’s going to affect your wallet. This is not the case at Payless Express as we use flat pricing with no hidden up charges, what you see is what you pay!

So how does our delivery service differ from the others? Most dry clean delivery services are just that, delivery services. They do not have their own production plant to do their own cleaning so they pay someone to do it for them. What this means to you is $$$. Payless Express does its own on site cleaning therefore we are able to deliver to you for less. We offer high quality dry cleaning that is convenient yet fits your budget!! We know our prices can’t be beat!!